Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Amazing Couple of Days

Business Brokerage:
I had the pleasure of meeting with Johnathan Boyce from Murphy Business Sales. Johnathan assists companies who are analyzing whether to sell, buyers of companies who are looking to purchase businesses, and companies who need to have machinery and equipment valued. A business broker operates much like a real estate broker...representing buyers and sellers, authoring opinions of value, structuring marketing programs, etc. I have a much better understanding of the business sale industry and will be able to refer many clients to Johnathan.

A Large Manufacturing Concern:
We had the occasion to advise a large manufacturing company on their location options. This California based manufacturer is considering moving to Colorado. The company might be persuaded to stay in California if we can negotiate a more favorable lease rate for their present facility. The company has ten months remaining on a renewal that was executed in 2007. We have been engage to assist the company in weighing their alternatives. Helping keep manufacturing jobs in California is always a challenge as our bordering states are offering tantalizing incentives for companies to relocate.

A Local Multi Generational Business:
One of the most rewarding things about providing location advice is meeting entrepreneurs. People in Southern California figure out so many creative ways to make a living. The company that toured me through their plant this morning makes drapery for hotels and resorts. They also install flooring and are one of the few companies that I have encountered that provide contracting services, flooring and window treatments as a package. The company has survived the housing downturn quite nicely and is well positioned for the future. The second generation now manages the company and does so quite well. Give them a call. The name of the company is V-Corp and the phone number is 714.236.9855.

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