Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ed McGlasson, Title Rep Extroardinaire

My Young Friend:
I met Ed McGlasson when he was an awkward ten year old. Ed had a shock of red hair, a face full of freckles, and a penchant for practical jokes. He once threw my older son's baseball cap out of the sunroof of my car on the way home from little league practice! Ed was an athlete even at ten as Ed's Dad had played professional football and influenced Ed's gene pool. I had the privilege of coaching Ed in Little League in Orange, California in 1994. Our Team was the Blue Jays, after the team from Toronto, and game gear was extremely difficult to find. The coaches resorted to a combination of Dodger and Royal blue for the game outfits. Ed was a talented pitcher and a clutch hitter, but his true athletic prowess would reveal itself in the next several years as Ed discovered golf.

Ed became a prolific golfer at an early age and was consistently breaking 80 at Tustin Ranch Golf Club in his early teens. By the time Ed entered high school, he was a consistent low seventies shooter and occasionally broke 70. Ed went on to have a very distinguished high school career and broke all of the school's golf records. The University of Colorado seemed an unusual place to ply your trade in the golf field but Ed excelled once again as a collegiate golfer and turned pro shortly after graduating in 2006. Ed achieved early results as a pro, finishing second in the California Open and qualifying for the Nationwide Tour's Marc Christopher Classic. I was "on the bag" for Ed's medalist round at the SCGA course in Beaumont to qualify for the Christopher and the round is still one of the most pristine I have ever witnessed. Ed bogeyed the 18th for 66. I explained rather arrogantly to Ed that his golf career was in part do to my coaching...Little League, that is. If I had been a better coach in baseball, Ed might not have discovered golf...

Career Change:
Ed has decided to give up professional golf to pursue a career in Title sales. Many former professional athletes have chosen this vocation including Rich Saul, Bobby Grich, and others. Title sales and professional golf are dramatically different yet possess some similar elements...preparation, attention to detail, making contact...although with people, not a golf ball. I believe Ed will achieve success and this post is an effort to introduce Ed to my professional network. Please feel free to contact Ed and give him a shot at your next title requirement!
Ed can be reached:

Ed McGlasson
National Commercial Sales

First American Title Insurance Company
National Commercial Services
5 First American Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Direct: 714.250.8523
Mobile: 714.931.1523
Fax: 714.481.9255
Tollfree: 800.854.3643

Web: www.firstam.com/ncs

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