Friday, August 13, 2010

Local Business Owners, Solutions for California!!

Jan Norman of the Orange County Register recently conducted a poll asking what local small businesses would do to fix the business issues in California. Some of the fixes are below. Read the full article.

Many business owners agreed with West's idea for improving the state-business relationship: "Cut state government in half and hire people who care about business that is the goose that lays the golden eggs."

Molly Risak of Grin and Bare It Designs in Mission Viejo has one more: "California needs to enforce the laws they have. There's a law requiring a manufacturing license for anyone involved in the garment industry, but very few people know about it and even fewer comply with it."

Ron Stein of Principal Technical Services, an Irvine engineer staffing company, recommends the state level the playing field for California businesses with their competitors in other states.

"California is out of touch with the fact that businesses must survive in a national and international economy. Private businesses have choices as to where they conduct their business to obtain a return on their investments," he said.

What are your ideas about what California does or doesn't do to help businesses be successful?

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