Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Direct List Technology

Direct List Technology has been a client since 1990. The owners of Direct List, Ken Cachat and Andy Pieter are wonderfully successful entrepreneurs that embody the Southern California winning attitude. Ken and Andy have seen the computer generated list business change significantly since their days with Harte Hanks in the late 1980s. At that time, raised computer flooring, massive HVAC units, and computers the size of refrigerators were the norm. Location square footage was necessary to house the enormity of the operation. As the business has changed, computer technology has evolved and gotten smaller, the location demands have decreased as well. Direct List can now operate from much smaller quarters and produce much more efficiently than before.

According to Ken Cachat and Andy Pieter:

"Since 1987 we have been helping people like you find new customers and achieve growth by using our highly targeted mailing lists. We attribute our long term success to three, strongly held values – Customer - Orientation, Quality, and Teamwork. That’s why we’re committed to combining advanced technology and traditional customer service to provide:

  • High quality mailing lists that work
  • Quick access to list counts and orders online
  • Personalized service of list experts on the phone

By focusing on, “Helping You Find New Customers”, we will create new possibilities for your company’s growth. Given the opportunity to work together, Direct List Technology will exceed your expectations. Please, give us a call today."

Give Direct List a call and let them help you find new customers!

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Hours of Operation
8:00am-5:00pm PST


Mailing Address
Direct List Technology, Inc.
1582 N. Batavia Street, Ste 3
Orange, CA 92867