Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ROFO.com...what an Honor!!

I provide location advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California. I was recently asked by Right Of First Offer, Rofo, to answer a few questions about my use of Social Media in my commercial real estate practice. I was honored and the Q and A is below. I have used Rofo since the summer of 2009 to market listings. I have found the service to be an "online dating service" for occupants of buildings and owners of buildings. I have found the concept to be VERY creative and I believe to be the future of searches in some size ranges. You can read the complete transcript here. Check out http://www.Rofo.com/ as well. Rofo has recently launched an app with LinkedIn called Real Estate Pro. If you are an active LinkedIn user and practice CRE, you owe it to yourself to download this app onto your LinkedIn profile. You can post active listings and completed transactions.
Rofo: How are you using social media to market your services?

Location Advice: I blog on a weekly basis through http://www.allencbuchanan.blogspot.com/. I experiment with different content based upon my experiences, contacts, companies that I have represented, etc. I generally write the blogs on the weekend and schedule them to post each day. Once the blog posts, I then tweet it which posts to LinkedIn. I then share the blog to groups that I believe would benefit from the content. My blog posts automatically are shared with facebook…business and personal. My blog is hyperlinked to Postlets for my listing inventory, my company website and contains links to facebook and twitter. I use past blog posts to introduce clients to one another and/or to market their businesses. My blog, facebook, linked in, google profile, twitter, plaxo are all contained in the signature line of my email correspondence. The blog has an analytics link that allows me to track traffic.

Rofo: Do you have any creative ways you prospect online?

Location Advice: LinkedIn Groups, birthday cards from Plaxo

Rofo: Any early insights you can share on using the new Real Estate Pro application on LinkedIn?
Location Advice: I like the ability to post listings and done deals on the profile so that a user can view them.

Rofo: What blogs or websites do you check daily?

Location Advice: Coy Davidson, Duke Long, OCBJ, and Orange County Register

Rofo: Do you have any exciting deals you closed in the last 3 months that we can help you promote? (Or properties you are working on)

Location Advice: #1 Sale of a property in April 2010 that took me 6.5 years to close. #2 I helped relocate a sunscreen manufacturer and saved them $40,000 per month in rent.

Rofo: What’s the wildest property request you received?

Location Advice: A buyer that buys and sells traffic from adult websites. We had to submit his loan request to seventeen lenders before we got a yes! The buyer was VERY well qualified also!

Rofo: Why do your customers love you?

Location Advice: I am a business owner just like they are and promote myself accordingly. I provide advice…not just transactional help.