Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Food Companies Expanding!!

I provide location advice for owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California. I have noticed a trend in the growth of food companies in Orange County. Three recent examples of this exponential growth are Northgate Markets, Pacifica Foods, and Strategic Enlace. Although varied in the markets that these three companies serve, the least common denominator is that all three distribute food!

Northgate Markets:
The story of Northgate González Markets is the story of a family of immigrants that has fulfilled the American dream through vision, hard work and faith. It all began in Jalostotitlán, Jalisco when Don Miguel González Jiménez' shoe store burned down in 1952. After struggling for 14 years to get reestablished, at 44 years of age, Miguel and his older sons immigrated to Los Angeles, leaving behind his wife and other children.

In "el norte" the three work long hours to maintain the family in Mexico. By 1979 the family was reunited and established in La Mirada. Seeking business opportunities, they heard of a supermarket in Anaheim, home to a community of fellow Jalosticenses.

Just 2,000 square feet in size, Northgate # 1 opened its doors in January 1980. The original store was Northgate, and the name has been kept over the years and subsequent acquisitions. From the beginning, the whole family participated, holding other jobs while the business got established. More stores were bought in fulfillment of the dream of every brother and sister having his own store. This goal was reached some time ago, and today two generations work in the stores and corporate offices, with over 4,750 forming the community of Northgate employees.

The newer stores are about 50,000 square feet in size, allowing them to offer shoppers a large service meat department, bakery, tortillería and prepared foods, in addition to a sizeable selection of domestic and imported Latin American grocery goods. Northgate Markets will soon relocate into a state of the art distribution facility of approximately 300,000 square feet in Anaheim.

Pacifica Foods:
Pacifica Foods is a custom food processor located just east of Los Angeles, in Corona, CA. The owner of Pacifica, Ken Gerdau, worked in the wine industry with EJ Gallo, Chateau St. Michele, and Sutter Home. Ken also spent some time with Claim Jumper restaurants where the idea of Pacifica was born.With Quality and Safety as their primary objectives, Pacifica Foods has built a 20,000 square foot, state of the art facility which includes 4500 feet of shelf stable "Hot Pack" production, 5000 feet of fresh "Cold Pack" production (including cooler), Quality Assurance and extensive Research and Development. With over 66 years of combined Food Service and Retail experience, the owner/management team has a proven track record of understanding opportunities and providing solutions for their customers. They feel that sales growth, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are the result of the highest quality offering, in both product and service.

Strategic Enlace and Tactical Merchandising Services:
This company recently was awarded contracts from Northgate Markets (above) to distribute several products to the Northgate warehouse including a line of pro-biotics manufactured in Mexico. The company has experienced double digit growth in the last few years and recently leased a 28,000 square foot distribution building in Brea, California,