Monday, November 1, 2010

3 Creative Ways to Market Your Product or Service

Three GREAT new innovative ways to market your product or service: I provide location advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California.
Are you constantly looking for an edge to separate you from your competition? I know that I am and I believe the tools below can help you separate yourself and scream...innovation!!

Microsoft Tags: The tag on the left contains code for the blog that you are presently viewing. The tag on the right contains code for the video below. You will need to download an app on your mobile device by going to Follow the prompts to the Free app. You will then be able to scan the codes for viewing.

Video Tape Your Offerings or Yourself:
Do you know a good videographer? If not, find one. Or you can use your mobile device to create and post the video content on You Tube. I use Robert A. Perez who I met in my networking group, BNI. Robert can be reached at 310.435.2956 and You can also visit his website at

QR Codes:
Similar to Microsoft tags are the squirrely black and white boxes that tie to text, a URL, or some other form of medium. QR codes require a mobile reader which can be downloaded for free on most mobile devices.

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