Monday, November 8, 2010

Keeping in Touch...Do You?? Three Great Ways!

The Premise:

I provide Location Advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern other words, I practice commercial real estate and have done so since 1984. My industry is notorious for the "hunter gatherer" mentality...we "eat what we kill" and consequently we are forever looking for the next deal. This is especially true for brokers that specialize in occupant representation. Many of us claim to be "relationship" oriented...and many of us in fact are...BUT, the reality is that we are paid based upon a TRANSACTION and the relationships must lead to a transaction in order for us to survive. There is also a conflict that arises here. When our relationship building results in a transaction and we "close" the deal and get paid, we in effect, take our "relationship" out of the market for the term of the lease we just negotiated OR for the length of the ownership in the case of an owner occupant sale. This holds true for occupant business and "one off" owner business. If our relationship is with an owner with multiple holdings...thus ongoing vacancy...our relationship (assuming we do a good job) can result in a "golden goose" of deals. These multiple holdings owners can also become buyers of additional holdings in good times and sellers of holdings in good or bad times. Regardless, we have to be creative in the way in which we keep in touch with our customers during that period when they believe "they don't need our services". I have discovered three ways that I highlight below as a means to stay in front of our "relationships" in valuable and creative ways.

Appreciation Marketing:

Send out Cards is a creative, "old school" means of keeping in touch and saying that all important Thanks!! Bo Lowe 714.307.3578 or

Social Media Marketing:

Use your Facebook business page, your Linked In groups, your blog(s), and Plaxo, to stay in front of your clients. Try to post relevant content to these social media sites and don't sell anything! The real ROI of Social Media Marketing is to build your brand. The ROI is generally unmeasurable until someone searches your name or sees an article that you posted. You will start to get noticed in a positive manner!

Timely Phone Calls:

Make time to call and talk with your customers...even if you have nothing pending with them. They will appreciate it beyond belief!!

Try these ideas! They will keep those relationships for decades!!

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