Friday, February 28, 2014

25 ways to build your #CRE biz...while driving

The palatial studios of Tuesday Traffic car!
All of us commute in and out of the office. Some of us that live in suburban areas of large cities have very long commutes. I created the Tuesday Traffic Tips series on YouTube to provide ways to build your commercial real estate business while on the road.

Tuesday Traffic Tips for #CRE is now six months old...twenty five episodes. The series has broad appeal and has generated several hundred hits because the videos are short, informative, and simple to implement. Here in order of their popularity...least to most...are the essence of the TTT advice for commercial real estate.

As a disclaimer, I provide Location Advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California...AKA, I sell and lease commercial real estate for a living and have since 1984...that qualifies me as some sort of expert...I believe:)

So here goes nothing! I have hyper-linked the episodes with the video feed in case you want to learn more. Happy viewing!

Episode 14 Make your sales meetings more productive
Episode 9   Consider the steps in your sales process
Episode 5   Say THANK YOU to a client
Episode 6   Promote a colleague
Episode 4   How to "jump start" your biz with your best referral source
Episode 17 How to spend the last two weeks of the year productively
Episode 15 How to maintain clients and prospect more effectively
Episode 12 Take your client a gift...just because
Episode 3   Count your blessings!
Episode 13 Find yourself a mentor
Episode 11 How to maintain consistency with Social Media marketing
Episode 8   Drive less and use technology more
Episode 2   Take a different route in or out of the office
Episode 16 How to transform from vacation mode to work mode
Episode 10 How to prepare your car for a tour
Episode 22 Change your routine
Episode 1   Stop and see one new prospect on the way in or out of the office
Episode 18 A foolproof New Year's resolution
Episode 25 How to take your "online" relationships "offline"
Episode 7   How to gain "peace" during your commute
Episode 24 How to get some un encumbered time with a client
Episode 20 Do the one thing that will separate you from your competition
Episode 21 DON'T apologize...not what you think
Episode 19 A foolproof way to get past the gate keeper
Episode 23 Prayers for a buddy!