Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The "butterfly effect"

I have a remarkable story of how one referral turned into ten business opportunities for my BNI and professional partners.

The Background:
Three years ago, I was engaged to represent a large manufacturing concern in their search for a building in Mexicali, Mexico...a four and one half hour drive from Orange, California. The assignment required several trips to Mexicali which in turn required several documents for the frequent border crossings, including a work visa. We identified a suitable building that was a former Mitsubishi plant and owned by a pension fund advisor in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On one of the last trips to the building, I was introduced to an industrial engineer from El Paso, Texas who had been engaged to advise the owner of the building (from Santa Fe) about the electrical, gas, water infrastructure servicing the building. We met with my manufacturing client, exchanged cards and said our good byes. The deal never made because of the extreme logistical costs for my manufacturing clients.

The Requirement:
Flash forward to March of 2010. I received an email from the industrial engineer. He has a brother in Bowling Green Kentucky. The brother has a neighbor who had recently purchased a business in Los Angeles (Avani). The new business owner (neighbor) needed relocation advice. The email asked if I could help. I responded that I would be happy to assist.

The Business:
We just closed a lease transaction on a listing that my company had. I was paid a leasing commission as were two of my partners who represented the owner and had the listing.

The Butterfly Effect:
In the three month process leading up to the lease, I introduced Avani to our 1. BNI CPA, Greg Beck; our 2. BNI business attorney, Mark Waterman; our 3. BNI ad agency, DSYL, Our 4. BNI general contractor, Harry Ashmore; Our 5. BNI sign company, Martin Neil; Our 6. BNI computer/cabling company, Richard Lane; our 7. BNI commercial insurance broker, George Varela, a business client of mine, 8. Raymond Handling Solutions, and a 9. business client of our BNI wealth manager who manufacturers tags for garments. Counting the fee that was earned by my partners who had the listing, ten companies earned a fee or had an opportunity to earn a fee!!