Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Location Advice Clientele

I was asked yesterday by Ken Potalivo, the CEO of Pro Growth to consider very carefully what my ideal client looks like. My ideal client is an owner or an occupant of a 20,000-100,000 square foot industrial building in Orange County, California.

My ideal clients fall into three distinct categories, Owner Occupants, Non Owner Occupants (tenants) or Non-Occupant Owners (investors).

Owner Occupants:
I have had the pleasure to provide location advice to numerous owner occupants since I began my brokerage career in 1984. Most notably, Selco ECC, Allied Exhaust, Tuffcare Medical, California Pipeline, Rapid Fit, The Richardson Group, Specification Seals, Fine Finish Doors and Windows, US Wheels, Lasco Bathware, MacBeath Hardwoods, Price Communications, Exsilio, etc.

Non Owner Occupants (Tenants)
Location advice to tenants has represented the "bread and butter" of my practice. I count among my loyal tenant clients: Western Air Limbach, Apogee, Raymond Handling Solutions, Code 3 CPR, KLS Doors, LMI, Avani Apparel, Lasco Bathware, C.A.D.E. (California Auto Dealers Exchange), Advantage Adhesives, Direct List Technology, Drake Controls, Cardiac Science, etc.

Non Occupant Owners (Investors)
Hager Pacific Properties, Kilroy Realty Corporation, TA Realty, Davis Partners, Cardoza Investment Company, Satco Center, Slater Partners, Tri-State Development, Richardson Properties, Wells Fargo Bank, Trico Realty, Sanre Corporation, etc. I provided location advice to many of these Non Owner Occupants in their acquisition of their current holdings and continue to provide location advice in locating tenants and buyers for their vacant holdings.

Frequently, I encounter a client that needs location advice but does not meet the characteristics described office building owner occupant, a non owner office building occupant, a non occupant owner with an industrial building smaller or larger than 20,000-100,000. A non owner occupant who needs location advice outside Orange County. Do I reject giving location advice? Certainly not! I simply partner with the very best expertise within my Lee and Associates network of professionals and provide the necessary advice.

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