Thursday, July 29, 2010

Starting a Manufacturing Business? Contact Infinity Business Solutions!

The Client:
I represent a client who is investigating the process involved in starting an apparel manufacturing company in Orange County, California, Carla Buchanan Designs. Yes, she is my wife of 31 (almost) years...yet I digress. We had the opportunity yesterday to discuss the process with Lily Otieno of Infinity Business Solutions. Infinity Business Solutions is a small-business consulting firm that specializes in working with business owners at every stage of their business development. Whether you are just beginning or are already up and running, Infinity Business Solutions will help you START, FUND, AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS! Lily told us that "Today’s businesses operate in an environment marked with challenges at nearly every turn. Infinity Business Solutions works with you to establish a solid and thriving business environment. By partnering with Infinity Business Solutions, you can focus on growing your business while systems, design, compliance, structural, and strategy matters are handled by Infinity Business Solutions."

The Attraction:
We were attracted to Infinity Business Solutions because we had heard that women owned businesses are now recognized as minority owned businesses and can qualify for government set asides if structured properly. We are very happy that we invested the time with Lily so that we will be mindful of the structure.

The Meeting Highlights:
We discussed name choices, entity creation...sole proprietorship, C-Corp, Sub Chapter S-Corp a or a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Lily was careful to point our that each entity has legal, tax, and compliance issues that should be further discussed with accounting and legal advisors. Additionally we discus ed procuring a tax ID number, a Dunn and Bradstreet rating (important for government work), and the nature of distribution channels, manufacturing processes, etc. Lily's services are billed on an "ad-hoc" basis which is important as the hourly bills aren't accumulated.

Personal Experience:
Lily and her husband DeShawn recently formed a chocolatier called"Grandma Betty's". Lily was a wealth of information on the "dos and don'ts of creating a manufacturing business! Please contact Lily. I know that you won't be disappointed! She can be reached at the below listed places:

Infinity Business Solutions
7327 Walnut Ave #A
Buena Park, CA 90620
United States of America
Bus: (714) 670-8941

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