Thursday, October 21, 2010

CRE and Social Media, The Early Promoters

I provide Location Advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California. An Urban Land Institute panel discussion and a recent post by Joseph Clem entitled "Who Says Commercial Real Estate isn't a Social Media Industry?" spurred a thought...Who are the early promoters with respect to Social Media and Commercial Real Estate? I believe that I am an early promoter of social media marketing with commercial real estate. I blog, use Facebook personally and for business, Tweet, actively manage and engage with my LinkedIn connections, use Plaxo to send birthday cards, promote my listings with You Tube, QR codes, etc. I am one of the only CRE practitioners in Southern California to consistently adopt social media. The purpose of this post is to highlight several of my colleagues who, in my opinion, are also early promoters of social medial marketing and commercial real estate AND do a great job of adding value to the social media community. The three practitioners, two of whom I have connected with on-line, are Coy Davidson, Duke Long, and Randy Mason. Each of these practitioners treat their content seriously and approach their posts in different ways.
Coy Davidson, Colliers International, Houston, Texas:
In my opinion, if you want to see someone who is "doing it right", check out Coy Davidson! I selfishly use Coy's methods to pattern my efforts in Social Media. Coy author's a blog entitled The Tenant Advisor and another entitled Social Media CRE . Both are filled with content and timely information.
Duke Long, Realty Executives, Lafayette, Indiana:
Duke's posts are edgy, controversial and refreshing! I thoroughly enjoy Duke's "tell it like it is...not like you want to hear it" approach to commercial real estate advice. Duke blogs under the title Ramblings of a Commercial Real Estate Broker. Thanks Duke for providing some chuckles and some friendly reminders that the business is not that is about the relationships!
Randolph (Randy) T. Mason, Lee and Associates, Irvine, California:
Randy and I have been personal friends and colleagues within our company, Lee and Associates Commercial Real Estate Services for almost twenty years. I met Randy in 1994 when he asked me to assist him in securing some business in Anaheim, California. We were successful and I was impressed by the energy, enthusiasm, and "out-of-the-box thinking" that Randy possessed before "out-of-the-box" thinking was fashionable. Randy has embraced all avenues of social media marketing. I am especially impressed with Randy's use of video on his blog entitled, Orange County Commercial Real Estate Experts, OCCREE. In Randy's "Ideas to Share" series, he posts video tips on hot real estate topics.
Bravo guys! Keep it coming!!

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