Friday, October 8, 2010

Seven tips to Make Social Media More Effective

I provide Location Advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California. I found this article from Steve Strauss, Mr AllBiz of The Strauss Group Inc.

Steve states:

"You’ve heard numerous tidbits on how to use social media to connect with customers, boost sales, and improve your business in general. What’s missing from these tips, however, are the top tips that are simple, but often ignored.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best social media tips and strategies I have come across recently:"

1. Tweet times three: A single tweet is easily lost in the fast-moving current that is The River Twitter. Yet, as you probably know, it is impossible to tweet the same thing twice in succession. Ah, but you can grasshopper. All you need do is write the first tweet, copy it, tweet it, and then paste it into your next tweet box. The secret is to change one word or phrase. Then instantly tweet it again. And then do it again.

All of a sudden, that tweet and your picture hits the stream three times in a row and is much more likely to be noticed.

2. Re-tweet top tweets: Consider CNN Headline News. Do they run brand new content every half hour? Of course not. Top stories are run throughout the day. As Guy Kawasaki has pointed out in this space, you should do the same thing. Notice what your top re-tweeted tweets are and re-post them on a fairly regular basis for a day or two or more. It will get you more click-throughs for sure.

3. End all Facebook updates with a question: Facebook is an ongoing conversation (actually, isn’t all social media?) So if you want face time on Facebook, if you want your business/product/take to regularly show up on your friends’ and fans’ feeds, then you need to have an ongoing conversation with your peeps.

Mari Smith, author of Facebook Marketing, says that one easy way to create and engage in that is to end your status updates with a question. For instance, “I am headed to New York this week for our annual trade show. Does anyone have any tradeshow tips that I should know about which they could share?” What you will find of course is that you will have started a conversation and thread that will continue to show up whenever someone adds to it.

4. Mix it up: Social media is all well and good for blasting your regular message, but people do become immune to that and can tune it, and you, out. Secret: Mix it up. Do something different. Do the unexpected.

What about posting something fun and strange? What about having a contest? What about tweeting a mea culpa to an unhappy customer: “We just wanted to say we are sorry to Sydney S. for getting her order wrong. To make up for it, here’s a $10 off coupon. Our bad!”

5. Give something away for free: The two strongest words in advertising are ‘free’ and ‘sale.’ Use that. People love getting stuff for nothing. So consider giving something away as a way to get more fans and followers. Maybe you have some old, inexpensive inventory that has been sitting around in the storeroom. Consider a promotion whereby the first 100 people to sign up get it. You will get new fans in a flash.

6. Use YouTube to find great keywords: For years I have been telling people to use either Google’s Keyword tool or Wordtracker when looking to add keywords and phrases in their SEO efforts. Recently, however, I ran across a tip by Greg Jarobe, a YouTube guru, who thinks YouTube may offer the better keyword analyzing tool. Why? Because many Google searches are for products, but all YouTube searches are to locate content/video. As such, the YouTube Keyword Tool may be a better fit for many small businesses.

7. Connect the dots: Managing and posting on all of these social media sites can get to be a drag, no? Too time-consuming. The good news is that these days one post can be linked to all of your other online properties. When I post to my blog for instance, or tweet a tweet, it automatically shows up on my homepage, on my Facebook page, and as a LinkedIn update.

Not only does this sort of thing save time, but it makes you look highly engaged, which you are, only in a smart, time-saving way.

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