Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Training...Are You Spending Enough??

I provide Location Advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California. I recently considered the much do successful companies spend each year on training. The answer astonished me. Successful companies can spend up to 20% of their annual revenue on training. I am passionate about learning, networking, social media marketing and providing my clients with creative solutions in my location advice. This post focuses upon two individuals who provide training. Dave Hibbard from Dialexis and Laura Bruno, a franchise owner with the Referral Institute. I am privileged to know both of these professionals and believe that your company can benefit from knowing their capabilities as well! I hope that you will visit their sites and recommend their services.
Dave Hibbard, Dialexis:
"When our first time clients discover how we achieve results compared to other training organizations they are always impressed. Rather than tell you what we think however, you may appreciate knowing what our family of clients tell us:

Our Material
Our clients like the fact that the information we deliver is based upon real world material. We didn't seek out information from the Internet or our competition or get it from a book and then attempt to sell it as our message. Our work is appreciated because when it is delivered, the audience connects with the background experience of the Dialexis trainer. Everything we represent comes from years of experience not a book. We lived it, it worked and it moves those who follow the formula into the Top20%+.

Our Results
Our clients expect to receive a strong ROI based upon the investment they make in Dialexis training and why shouldn't they! It isn't enough today to simply provide training, receive payment and walk away. Our clients respect what we deliver because it is always attached to an ROI. Measurement of our work is what is expected and as a result, we are held to a high standard of information, delivery, follow up and results. Some of our programs are delivering from 200% to 2000% on our client's initial investment. This return is unmatched in the training industry and we are happy to supply you with the evidence of this claim.

Our Delivery
Having world-class material is one thing, but being able to deliver it with power and high impact is another. The truth is many trainers have interesting material to bring to clients, but lack the ability to deliver it in a compelling manner. Our clients tell us we are unique because we not only train, but also excite. Whether it is a Keynote delivery or a front and center training event, our clients tell us we are the best they have ever experienced.

Our Live Training
Our clients tell us that one of our key differentiators is the fact that we use live techniques during our training. That means if the training is prospecting - we not only teach it in the classroom, but also take it live to the phones and streets! At Dialexis we know that learning has a chance when training is combined with doing. Reach Dave at 949.715.9372"

"The Referral Institute helps business professionals work less, play more, and increase their business revenues by successful word-of-mouth marketing. We accomplish this through training programs that specifically focus on effective networking and quality referrals.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the least expensive and most effective way to grow your business. While we instinctively know this, did you know that there is a proven and effective system available on how to accomplish this? Well there is and we call the program, Referrals for Life. The Referrals for Life curriculum is being offered in over 20 countries and being delivered by over 200 trainers. Laura Bruno is the only Certified Trainer in Southern California and offers the programs in her training center in Temecula and in the San Bernardino and Upland areas.

Please browse our site to learn a more about word-of-mouth marketing as well as effective referral systems available through the Referral Institute. If you find that you are intrigued and want to find out more about out program, check our calendar for our next Referral Success 101 class, and sign up to attend, as this is our introductory workshop or give us a call at 951.699.2558 .We look forward to talking with you and seeing you at our next workshop."

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