Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DON'T use these terms, PLEASE

I provide location advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in southern California. As we approach 2011...WOW...where did the decade go??...I believe we should eliminate certain terms that have found their way into our business conversations. Recently I posted a question, Are you Authentic? If you didn't see the post, you can find it by clicking here. I believe that truly authentic people would NEVER use the terms below. So in order of our dislike of them, here they are...the terms you should NEVER use in business:

Number Seven: No Worries
The least offensive in my opinion, yet still overused

Number Six: Not a Problem
More offensive than "No worries" but incredibly common

Number Five: Be Proactive
Great concept...the opposite of "re-active" which communicates a business's desire to preempt an issue before it becomes and issue BUT, OMG, give it a rest!

Number Four: At the End of the Day
OK, we get it...you are tying to place emphasis on the last point of the discussion!

Number Three: The Bottom Line
A variation of "number four". Since number four came along we hear this term used in fewer conversations...thank goodness!

Number Two: To be Perfectly Honest
I hear professional athletes say this a lot. This is the moment...wait for it...that I am going to really "level" with you. The problem is that the opposite is communicated...that you have not "leveled" with me before now. I realize the need for an exclamation in business communication. It is simply that "candid" or "frank" or "in my view" or "in my opinion" provide the emphasis without the transparent and insincere comment of "to be perfectly honest"

and Number One: Leverage our Core Competencies
Whoever coined this saying should be shot at dawn...not shot completely...just shot a little! I admit to have been educated at a mid south major SEC (then it was the SWC) state university in the late seventies...Go Hogs!! but really?? We understand that your company is REALLY good at certain things...maybe even the best, but not everything, but how about just saying it? We also get that you need to rely on others (leverage) but I have an idea...how about just saying that "we realize that we cannot do everything...consequently, we have these partners that we team with that will provide the products, services, etc. that we cannot provide..." See what I mean...authentic.

So here we go...No worries. When you engage our company, it's not a problem. We are extremely proactive in our approach to your problem. Because at the end of the day, we understand the bottom line for you is who not what company. May we be perfectly honest with you? We believe that we are the best solution for you because we leverage our core competencies to meet every situation that we encounter...I am truly going to throw up!! Be Authentic People!!