Monday, March 12, 2012

Social Media for Commercial Real Estate that REALLY works! For Sale: Industrial in Fullerton, CA, $8,500,000

I provide location advice for owners and for occupants of industrial buildings in southern California. Social Media marketing has been a part of my real estate practice for the past three years. I have used Facebook for a profile and business pages, Twitter for timely articles relating to CRE, Plaxo for birthday reminders, You Tube for virtual tours of my listings, Linked In groups for posting relevant content and connecting with fellow CRE professionals. Some in the industry have asked what is one thing they can do to "jump in" to social media marketing? I would suggest becoming familiar with "Postlets". Postlets was purchased by Zillow last year and remains a terrific place to create, manage, and link your CRE listings to various social media sites including Craig's List, Facebook, Linked In, Plaxo, etc. Postlets works seamlessly with You Tube for virtual tours and creates a professional web site for each listing. Did I mention that the service is FREE? Check out the below listing for the power of Postlets and become a believer...I certainly have!

For Sale: Industrial in Fullerton, CA, $8,500,000

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