Friday, April 27, 2012

A mobile app that will change your world!

I provide location advice to owners and to occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California. Last year I attended a broker appreciation trip hosted by one of my clients, Kilroy Realty Corporation. One of the gifts for our "appreciation" was a shiny new IPad 2!...the wow factor was amazing. For those of you out there who have embraced Apple mobile technology, this post will "change your world". One of my frustrations with the IPad...until now...was the inability to manage pdfs while away from the office...and away from a desktop or laptop computer. When a cooperating broker requested a flyer or a client requested a copy of a lease or an LOI, we had only VERY clunky solutions to this dilemma...forward an old email, access a remote server through Pocket Cloud or another similar remote access server, phone or email an office bound assistant (tough if after hours), wait until you return to the office (well, you get the idea). Enter IAnnotate PDF! This app can be downloaded for $9.99...expensive by app standards, but WORTH every penny! Once you down load IAnnotate PDF to your IPad, you are ready to rock and roll.

Here is a "how to" step by step of the way in which IAnnotate will change your world:

Someone emails to you a pdf...assistant, another broker, a client. In this case a client of mine sent me a lease. I have highlighted the email and the pdf appears in the reading pane.

Once I hold on the pdf, I am asked where I would like to open the pdf. I use the "Open In" button

I  have asked that the pdf be opened in IAnnotate PDF

The pdf is then opened in IAnnotate and ready for manipulation or saving. I this case I want to save the pdf for future use. You can see the pdf I opened in the lower right.

I have clicked the button at the top right which allows me to create a new file and name it. In this case I have named the file Allied Exhaust Idaho.

You can now see the new file that was created directly above the lease. I now have the ability to drag the pdf into the file for future access.

The lease is now safely "filed" and available for future access.

Now I get a request for a file that I have saved in a folder. This frequently occurs with listing brochures and I will demonstrate how to use the app for this purpose.

I have used the previous steps to save my brochure pdfs into their own folder entitled "Imported Documents. I simply touch the folder and the contents are opened.

I now have a screen of my saved brochure pdfs. I can touch and hold the one that I want to this case 500 S. State College

When I touch and hold the brochure that I want to forward, a task bar is revealed which gives me the option to e-mail. I tap the e-mail button and the next screen appears

I choose the original format button since I have not annotated the pdf (added comments). The pdf is attached to the screen below. I can then use the screen below and start typing the e-mail recipient which brings up my Outlook contacts. If I receive a request from someone not in my contacts, I need to save the contact in my address book before proceeding. Once the recipient is entered, the e-mail is ready to send.

Voila...start to finish, this takes about two minutes!


  1. Great article, Allen. I can see where this would have a multitude of productive uses. Thanks for sharing & explaining!

    1. You are welcome! Anything to boost productivity.