Friday, June 8, 2012

Five great ways to promote your business with video

I provide location advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in southern California. I started using video in my commercial real estate practice in 2009...when my AT&T contract expired...I stepped into the light, and purchased my first Apple IPhone 3GS. The phone came fully equipped with a video camera and the ability to seamlessly upload video content to YouTube. My video production "minor" was started....I still major in CRE...thanks to my buddy Clif Fincher for that phrase..."don't major in the minors". Video started as a "minor" but has quickly become a very creative and effective way to market, prospect, preview, and virtually tour industrial buildings for me. I believe the applications of video transcend the commercial real estate industry. If you will think about it, I believe you will discover creative ways to use video in your business whether you a real estate investor, CPA, attorney (think video depos), manufacturer (how to, product demos), distributor, or another service provider such as insurance, advertising, or payroll. Below are five ways to creatively use video:

Virtual tours:
Trial...operative here since that is what virtual tours provide. This virtual tour of 500 S. State College in Fullerton, California has been viewed 74 times (at this writing). I can assure you that to conduct 74 in person tours would consume an enormous amount of time...vs the return. By use of this method, we have achieved great trial of our product and are currently negotiating with a buyer for the purchase.

"How to":
I have not figured out a creative "how to" for CRE but the guys at Raymond Handling Solutions certainly have. The video below is one of a series of "how to" clips that receive tremendous user traffic.

Introducing a special offer:
Brokers touring 28 Hammond, Irvine, California are greeted with this video clip offering them a special gift.


I had tried for weeks to get through to a company across the street from one of my listings. I finally emailed the owner a link to this video and he called me! The building was not a match but at least I made contact.

Video Blogging:
Video is the easiest way to create content quickly...much quicker than writing or emailing. This video was part three of a five part series called "Location Advice on Location". Check back for episode six!

So there you have it...five great ways to promote your business with video. Happy filming.

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