Monday, March 4, 2013

A Piece of Location Advice in Orange, California

I provide Location Advice for owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California. Richard Clough of the Orange County Register recently featured one of my assignments in the article below and highlights one of my clients, DMG Corporation.

This deal took a village to complete. My thanks to the folks at DMG, Ron Sweet, Will Clark, Victor Murphy, Steve Weston, Jerry Carpenter, and Jeff Bulkin. H. Hendy provided the architectural design and execution...Jennifer Bartelt and Kerry Wilson. My good friend and colleague, Marc Cunningham from All West Environmental assisted us in evaluating the physical condition of the building. The building had been vacant for 26 months and there was substantial deferred maintenance. The city of Orange was tremendous and thanks to Lisa Kim, Ed Knight, Ian McDonald, and David Khorram. Bob Dumont of JLC Associates accomplished the impossible by completing the tenant improvements in six weeks! Without all of your contributions, this deal would not have happened. Thanks to ALL of you!

If you would like to read the complete article by Rick Clough, please click on the link below.

Engineering company moves to Orange | group, complex, square - Business - The Orange County Register

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