Friday, November 15, 2013

Five #CRE news aggregators you MUST follow (and I do!)

I provide Location Advice to owners and occupants of manufacturing and warehouse buildings in Southern California...AKA I sell and lease commercial real estate for a living and have since 1984. I am also an avid blogger of all things CRE as frequenters of this blog will attest.

I am a content creator. I write blogs. I record YouTube videos. I author cartoons. I appreciate EVERYONE that spends time reading, listening, and commenting on the content I create!

I LOVE news aggregators (especially the ones that publish my stuff)...and some who don't. If you are not a content creator BUT still want to stay abreast of commercial real estate news and follow the content of many thought leaders in the industry, I would suggest subscribing to one or more of the following commercial real estate news aggregators.

...but before I go there...What is a news aggregator anyway? Wikipedia defines it this way: "In computing, a news aggregator, also termed a feed aggregator, feed reader, news reader, RSS reader or simply aggregator, is client software or a web application which aggregates syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs (vlogs) in one location for easy viewing."

Many words that mean "a single source of web content". Here are five of the best in the biz (IMHO)

The News Funnel
The company line: Founded in 2011, The News Funnel adds a new twist to aggregated content for business professionals in the Real Estate industry. TNF gather trade news and information from trusted industry sources and then let users craft that information into a custom feed that is unique to their geographic market, industry segment and areas of interest.
My take: Great combination of original content, guest blogging, interviews, and aggregation. I am honored when my stuff makes the TNF top ten list! I also love the customization feature that allows me to see industry info in SoCal.

The company line: CREReport is an information resource for CRE professionals. They developed the report to promote news, trends, and events impacting the commercial real estate landscape. The project combines research, original writing, and mobile-friendly publishing to provide the reader with a uniquely collaborative and informative reading experience.
My take: Todd Stewart does a great job tracking the Atlanta market BUT also sprinkles in original blog posts from thought leaders as well.

GPE Connect
The company line: GPE Connect is Arizona's best commercial real estate newsletter. Every weekday at 8 AM, they deliver the news, topics and trends that impact the Arizona market.
My take: Great recap of the Arizona market. Even though I don't typically do business in Arizona, since they are neighbors to the east, I love to follow what's happening.

The company line: The first FREE online list of CRE (Commercial Real Estate) professionals. This is the first opt-in, self-service, no charge site for the CRE professional. With everybody searching the Internet for absolutely everything, it makes sense to have an opt-in list for the world to find “YOU”! So many CRE professionals get lost on the web and inside large corporate directories. It can be frustrating to find YOU and keep up with who is where. This website is a down and dirty way to make it easy to find YOU and your geography and specialization. Simple. If you are a Listing Administrator, you must also add yourself to theBrokerList.
My take: A phenomenal combination of broker profiles, industry info (haves and wants), and original blog posts. Linda Day Harrison will absolutely enhance your brokerage sign up!

The company line: Costar is the nation's premier multiple listing service for office, retail, and industrial as well as an industry source for analytics.
My take: Good info, well structured. Could use more original blog content from industry thought leaders.

So there you go. Now get smart, y'all!


  1. Allen,
    Thank you so much for this kind exposure. It is so appreciated. Wishing you a wonderful vacation and Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy. We will miss you so much.

    1. My pleasure, Linda! Thanks for the GREAT support you provide to the brokerage community.