Friday, June 6, 2014

Blogs you MUST read and Apps you MUST use...#CRE and beyond

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Duke Long has his "best of" lists of which I am happy to say I made all three last year. This year, who knows?

Coy Davidson has his "weekend reads"...which is a collection of commercial real estate articles that Coy curates and/or authors.

The News Funnel's blog, Funnel Cast selects it's ten favorite blog posts each week. I generally make the list and am grateful.

So what has any of this to do with commercial real estate blogs and apps? Indulge me and I will explain.

As a disclaimer, I provide Location Advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California...AKA, I sell commercial real estate for a living and have since 1984. I have authored this blog since 2010 and have produced a series of #CRE videos entitled Tuesday Traffic Tips since 2013. I also consume a great deal of on-line content in the form of blogs, videos, webinars, tweets, etc. ALL of this qualifies me as some sort of an expert...if I can only remember why...

Back to the blogs and apps...I decided I needed my own list of favorites. By the way, these are blogs I actually read and apps I actually use. So in no particular order, here goes...

Favorite blogs (I read these as soon as they hit my in box):

Duke Long: If you don't read Duke and you are in the #CRE trade, you are missing out! Duke's irreverent style, insight, and "in your face" are second to none in our world.

CRE Outsider: Chris Clark authors a look from a real estate outsider (that's what she claims but her perspectives are impressive) into the world of commercial real estate. I really enjoy the app reviews and the breaking stories on M and A in the CRE tech space.

Second Time Around: Penned by a great guy, Michael Beckerman...founder of The News Funnel...this blog is a quick read and examines entrepreneurship, tech, and the view from an over 45 something as he ramps up his CRE aggregating news start up.

Ethan Penner's Blog: I'm not sure how I found this blog but I enjoy the angle of finance, government, and Ethan's take on these issues. I only wish he would acknowledge my comments...

PICOR update: This is the only submarket blog that I read. But Barbi Reuter writes how could I resist. Our oldest son graduated from the U of Arizona and I love there!

Your Social Media Works: Beautifully written by Carol Stephen, this blog discusses all things social media...Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Linked In, etc. I have learned a ton from Carol.

You Too Can Be A Guru: Bridget Willard, office manager extraordinaire, serial blogger, tweeter, and practitioner of all things construction, pens this blog and quite well, BTW! Check out the "best ways" to tweet and behave in the social media space.

The Economic Collapse: If you constant this blog, you are sure to be enter at your own risk. I enjoy reading the views from a doom and gloomer...who backs up the opinions very well. I just don't take it too seriously, yet I jump off a bridge...

When Coy Davidson authors an authentic post, I also read Tenant Advisor

Favorite Apps:

The News on the go...MUST have
I Annotate...edit those PDFs on the fly...I wrote about it
Costar Go...ALL you need in the field...MUCHO dinero, however
Facebook...nothing else to say
Twitter...nothing else to tweet
Chromecast...coupled with Netflix, no need for cable TV

So there you have 'em! Not as flashy as Duke, as well researched as Coy or as organized as The News Funnel...but they are ALL mine!

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