Thursday, July 3, 2014

Declare your #CRE Independence!

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Imagine for a moment a national platform for commercial real estate practitioners where profiles could be shared, market data exchanged, topical issues discussed, transaction needs advertised, closed deals celebrated, successes trumpeted...all for the sum total of FREE and accessed from anywhere, anytime, and from any, desk top, or hybrid. Sound too good to be true? Well, not only is it true but it is GREAT!

Say hello to theBrokerList...Linda Day Harrison's labor of love.

I first encountered theBrokerList via Twitter last summer. Linda was kindly re-tweeting my stuff and it became apparent that I needed to further investigate this thing called theBrokerList.

What I found was amazing...the profiles, the market data, the timely blog posts with topical discussions, the open forum to encourage brokers to make deals...and oh yes, with the kindest helpful attitude of anyone in the #CRE space (sorry for the pun)!

The one question that I'm asked frequently...other than do you make any money with that social media "how do I get started with social media?".

Simple...sign up for theBrokerList. If you become an active contributor, don't be surprised if Linda pays you a visit when traveling to a city near yours. Yep, it happened to me! You can read about it here.

Linda has become a friend, a confidant, a strategic partner, and a wonderful resource for creating, curating, and distributing commercial real estate content. Thanks, Friend!

The image to the left was taken by Linda's intern, Dana Peterlin. This was a "tweet up" arranged by Linda and included Howard Kline, CRE Radio and Chris Barbeiri of Building Blocks CRE. We even made a Tuesday Traffic Tip about our little soire.

We all make New Year's Resolutions. Make a half year resolution this year (now) and sign up for theBrokerList! Did I mention that it is FREE?

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