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9 Reasons your MANUFACTURING BUSINESS should locate in Anaheim, California

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Orange County, California....Ahhh, the beautiful clear blue skies, the beaches, the mountains, the entrepreneurial spirit that abounds in each of us that calls the county home...MAGNIFICENT! The OC is truly a special place and one that I am proud to live and work in every day.

One city, in particular, within the county we call Orange, is VERY special...the city of Anaheim. So, why not start with Anaheim as the first in the series of Reasons your Manufacturing Business should locate in___________, California.

In no particular order, the reasons for locating your manufacturing business in Anaheim, California are enumerated below.

Freeway proximity: Anaheim, California is really two cities...the east and the west. Diagonally dissected by Interstate 5 (the 5), and bordered by the Garden Grove (the 22) to the south, the Riverside Freeway (the 91) to the north, and the Newport and Orange Freeway (the 55 and 57) as its legs, Anaheim boasts a location like no other in the county. Any vehicle that traverses the county must travel through Anaheim. You can get to Los Angeles, the port, the mountains, the desert or the beach in an equal amount of time. For this reason, large and small manufacturing and distribution companies call Anaheim their home.

GREAT labor base: Skilled, clerical, and hourly labor pools abound in the city of Anaheim. Some VERY large employers have located in Anaheim including Kaiser, Disneyland, Extron, L3 Communications to name a few.

Entertainment: Mouse ears, halos, and quacking mascots can be found in Anaheim along with The Grove which has hosted Tiger Jam and Orange County Top Workplace galas. The Honda Center (in addition to being the home of Stanley Cup Champs, the Ducks) books star studded entertainment. The world champion Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play their home games at Angel Stadium. When not in use as a state of the art baseball venue, the stadium is filled with rodeos, monster truck races, motocross and concerts...and oh yeah, the Happiest Place on Earth is in Anaheim...DISNEYLAND!

World class convention center: The Anaheim Convention Center is the largest convention center on the West Coast and is surrounded by hotels and restaurants galore. They DO trade shows!

National Identity: People around the nation don't know where Orange County is located but they certainly know where Anaheim is. No other city in Southern California (except maybe Hollywood) has the national name recognition of Anaheim, California.

Executive Housing: The eastern part of the city of Anaheim has a vast collection of executive housing ranging from tract homes to custom estates. and oh, what a view! Wow, on a clear day from the hills of east Anaheim you can see to China...well almost. But certainly you can see to Catalina Island.

Business Friendly: The business licensing process is streamlined, the experience is friendly and helpful and the vast majority of information is available on line. Anaheim gets business and welcomes businesses of all shapes and sizes to its city.

Cheaper Electricity: Anaheim is the ONLY city in Orange County, California to generate its own electricity. Heavy power users such as manufacturing companies can experience a 20-30% savings on their monthly utility bills vs. Southern California Edison customers.

Great supply of commercial real estate: Years ago (in the mid 1990s), Anaheim rezoned the eastern canyon area into a redevelopment district and promoted business relocation with tax rebates and streamlined permitting. Anaheim was also able to provide development incentives which prompted a re-tooling of many of the obsolete aerospace manufacturing buildings in the city. Anaheim now has the largest inventory of new state of the art industrial space in Orange County.

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